Digital Marketing, Business Consulting, and Music Production services for artists, creative professionals, and small businesses worldwide. 



  • Brand Development

  • Web & Graphic Design

  • Ecommerce (Online Store)

  • Custom Merchandise

  • Social Marketing

  • Email List Building

  • Video Production

  • Outsourcing



  • Creative Planning

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Planning

  • Project Development

  • Project Management

  • Research

  • Legal Consulting

  • Writing & Editing



  • Music Production

  • Album Artwork

  • Writing & Editing

  • Contract Review

  • Licensing Assistance

  • Estate Consulting

  • Audio Editing

  • Digital Distribution

Digital Marketing

Do you need assistance with your marketing? Are you trying to advertise online? Need to send emails to your fans or customers? We can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Business Consulting

Trying to start a business? Having trouble organizing your goals, your strategy, or crafting your brand? We can help you get started, whether it is in helping you formulate and develop your ideas, locating core business opportunities, getting set up as an entity, managing the paperwork, or identifying where your unique value lies as either a working individual, an artist, an entrepreneur, or a business owner.

Project Management

Do you need help operating your business, project, or enterprise? Do you need someone to supervise, delegate, or make executive decisions? We can provide you with keen supervisory assistance to help strengthen the leadership presence in your business, set goals, implement plans, and make important decisions.

Web Design

Whether it's for your career, photos, a blog, or portfolio, every creative professional needs a website. Contact us to get a quote on your latest web project. We will help you determine the best technology and concept-design for your specific goal and purpose.

Social Media

Need help managing your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page? We can help you. We will work with you to develop an editorial schedule, organize your social media goals, and generate leads and more visits to your website or business.

Copy Writing

Need writing for your latest publication, product, press release, or article? We will help you capture the unique identity of your brand or concept, combining the best in business writing with narrative prose and creative writing.

Graphics & Product Design 

Whether digital, print or otherwise, we can help you come up with an elegant and inspiring design for your next project. Whether it is a banner ad, a poster, a piece of merchandise, or promotional material, we can give you that special touch to make sure you impress your prospects and stand out from the crowd.

Curatorial Services

Need help choosing photos for an exhibit, catalog, publication, or portfolio? We can help you contextualize your goals and tell a story with your photographs. We can also touch up your photos, stylize and resize them, organize and edit them. Visual storytelling is one of our many passions.


Need help compiling research? We have extensive experience mining and organizing both quantitative and qualitative research, whether it is for your business, scholarly work, or personal project, we possess keen eyes and a high investigatory aptitude for all types of research.

Musical & Artist Production

Do you need a producer for a musical production, CD, DVD, live event, or broadcast. Our vast resources, experience, and relationships in the world of art, culture, and entertainment can be an asset to you and your project. We will help you organize the logistics, finances, and help you manifest your creative vision as an artist.